Digital Tasbeeh
Dgital counter

160.00 120.00

  • Digital  Tasbih Finger Tally Counter Islamic Zikr Islam Muslim
  • Tasbih / Prayer to make Zikr for ALLAH.
  • Also could be used as a counter for business and in many of life fields.
  • It can be used during exercise, and running.
  • Comes with adjustable finger Belt.
  • Counts up to 9,999 Easy to use Reset button count button.
  • Light Weight easy to use and hold.
  • Long-life battery.
  • Small and compact design LCD screen display.
  • The finger strap is adjustable which makes it a gorgeous piece!


Digital Tasbeeh helps muslims zikr activity. It is Easy to adjust on your finger. Dagital tasbeeh is a simple device which allows you to count/tally any activity you wish. Ideal to use as a Digital Tasbeeh. Tap count button to start counting.It has reset button to clear all the counting. It has also  LED light so that you can see number  in dark.

For Ramadan or Any Time of Year; Give these beautiful Digital tasbeeh to someone at your dear ones at local mosque or a member of your Islamic community.


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Dgital counter

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