Egg Slicer – Stainless Steel

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  • * Egg slicer for hard boiled eggs
  • * Steel wires made of stainless steel
  • * Perfect for making egg salad and garnish slices
  • * Dishwasher safe


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An egg slicer is a food preparation utensil used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs quickly and evenly. An egg slicer consists of a slotted dish for holding the egg and a hinged plate of wires or blades that can be closed to slice

2 reviews for Egg Slicer – Stainless Steel

  1. Arooj Nawab

    It is a best product of kitchen.I like this products because it designed to make cooking &
    life in the kitchen easire.

  2. Fasiha Saleem

    It is the best product for kitchen because it cut an egg into pieces is very easily..

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