Tasbeeh White Marble
33 Marble Beads / Stones

120.00 90.00

  • Small Size White Marble Beads Muslim tasbih
  • 33 beads with adjustable tension
  • Alif has “La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah” on it
  • Comes in a small Gift box – excellent gift idea!
  • 1-inch long Alif/Imam Bead, perfect size for travel



This small size Tasbeeh white marble stone has 33 beads. It is best size to fit over the hand. Our beads are durable with strong beautiful colors and clear inscriptions. Each bead is smooth therefore it feels soothing to touch and pray with. They resist scratches and beside that strings are strong to resist falling beads.

For Ramadan or Any Time of Year Give these beautiful prayer beads to someone at your dear ones at local mosque or a member of your Islamic community.


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33 Marble Beads / Stones

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